April Book Recommendation : Modern Manners


Today’s story review brought to you by a childhood story of my own:

Since a very young age I’ve been fascinated with the Royal family. I had my lone Prince William poster, was devastated when I heard of Princess Diana’s passing [and remember exactly where I was and what I was doing], and focused a lot of my high school projects around the history of the family.

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Money Saving Apps

Under the Oaks : Money Saving Apps Happy Tax Day [as said in the most unexcited tone]. Good news, I finished my taxes shortly after completing Sunday’s post. Bad news, my bank account and it’s owner feel equally sad.

I take pride in my ability to be thrifty in absolutely everything. When I put forth the effort to do so, I can really save some money. After this year’s taxing debacle I’m really going to make a true effort to make back that money via thriftiness.

I love my coupons, the hunt in a thrift store, and combining multiple saving opportunities together to make one big saving [i.e. manufacturer coupons, store coupons, store discount card, etc.]. In fact, I probably could start a series on here all about saving money and would never run out of new ideas. Recently I was introduced to a couple of money saving apps that I’ve really been intrigued by. Continue reading

Have a non-taxing week.

Under the Oaks : Have a non-taxing week.

Welcome to the week of April 15th. Joy.

Over a glass of wine on Friday afternoon Annie and I talked about this week. We talked about the joy of completing your taxes as a young adult versus the burden of filling them out as an adult. We mulled over the fear of missing something valuable, or knowing that your going to be out a sum of money (versus the government owing you like in college).

So here I am filling out my taxes for the last year. Stressing over the taxing details and all I can think of is how beautiful it is outside right now, or how much I’m looking forward to my workout this afternoon, or tonight’s episode of Long Island Medium. Continue reading

Spring Organizing Dilemma

Under the Oaks : Spring Organizing Dilemma

Spring has sprung! We mention spring so often in our posts that you’d think the only thing we did around here was wish for spring [only partially true]. While I’m not particularly in the mood for spring cleaning, I am in the mood for an organization project which is great seeing as it is my #3 item from my 2014 Bucket List: Select a space in my home to [re]organize every month.

However, I have a dilemma [imagine that], I cannot decide which space I would like to tackle for the month of April: the front hall shoe closet or our garage. You may ask, why not do both? Because my friends, I’ve been stripped of my superwoman cape and for the sake of my sanity must only select one project this month. Continue reading