Have an observed week.

IMG_0111.JPG It’s here! The week we’ve all been looking forward to all year for a variety of reasons. You either 1) love Christmas and all that this entails or 2) look forward to the time off from work. For me it’s a lot a bit of both. This past week a co-worker commented, “You really love Christmas, don’t you?” Am I that obvious?

Today in particular I have a couple of random musings that I feel like observing out loud (other than my obvious love for this time of year): Continue reading

December Book Review: Yes Please

IMG_0105.JPG Keeping along the theme of reviewing great new things this week, December’s book review is all about Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Poehler’s book is all about life, love, career, being a woman, being a mom, accepting yourself as is, and blah blah blah all glued together by a strong bond of humor. She’s a comedy genius and if you don’t know this it is likely you’ve been under a rock instead of under the oaks. [See what I did there? Reading books about comedians automatically makes you a comedian yourself.]

Poehler writes about her experiences on SNL, improv group Upright Citizens Brigade, filming Baby Momma, and of course the popular NBC show Parks and Recreation. She shares stories about all the great comedians she’s had an opportunity to work with and if you listen to the audiobook, she even has some of them co-narrate like Carol Burnett, Seth Meyers, Patrick Stewart, and Kathleen Turner. As a reader you get a very deep sense of comradery between comedians. In fact, one of my personal favorite Amy Poehler moments (that she writes about as well) is when her and 5 other comedy geniuses met each other on stage during the 2011 Emmy’s to accept the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in Comedy. Continue reading

Raleigh Reviews: Smashburger Soft Opening

mainimage Last night, I was invited to the soft opening of the new Raleigh Smashburger. I had never eaten at one before but had seen them when we were in Denver, which is where they got their start. I didn’t think much of the store until getting invited to the opening and learning a bit more about the food, then learning about the owners of this franchise location and their impact on our local community during the opening. I’ll talk more about that below but, first, the food!

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Have a settled week.

settled Happy Sunday! Sorry for the late post today. We’ve been super busy trying to finish up Carter’s nursery this afternoon! I am so happy to say that it is painted, the crib is put together, and the rug is laid! We still have some key pieces to purchase and set up but things are definitely coming together. And all three bedrooms are officially DONE! I think my favorite part about getting a room done is that it usually means I get two rooms out of it: the newly completed room and the room that was previously completed but was used to house all the stuff that has to go in that new room. In this case, it’s my office / guest bedroom. Since my baby shower in October, the floor of this room has been covered with gift bags, boxes, and Target bags full of baby gifts and gear. Now that they have a home, I can start working on getting my office organized and ready for the 3 months off for maternity leave.

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Shopping Local Raleigh Makers

JPEG_20141210_205743_-676261467~2 It has been all about Raleigh this week here on Under the Oaks! On Tuesday, Crystal gave her suggestions on where to shop local in some of her favorite spots around Raleigh. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite local makers!

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