Linen Closet Refresh


What is the one space in your home that is a place that you probably haven’t touched in 7 years, is the smallest, and yet the most disorganized? For me that was our linen closet. Honestly, when I cleared out the space about 50% of the items cleaned out were donated. Sheets that no longer fit any beds in our house, or that had been handed down to us and never used, towels that were really kitchen towels, or master bathroom towels, etc. Just a bunch of random stuff that at one point we probably though, “Meh, why not here?” Continue reading

Have an easy week.


I’m not sure if it’s because I finally have my energy back to focus on other things going on in my life besides making a human but last week was STRESSFUL. I am so happy to be feeling better, with more energy and excitement but I didn’t quite easy myself back into things. I let pretty much everything get to me and now that I’m at the end of the week, I’m more than ready to let it all go. It was definitely a roller coaster of a week so I’m determined to make this week coming up and easier one.

Continue reading

August Book Review: Best Friends Forever

IMG_3110.JPG In August I found myself deep in the pages of some good ‘ole chick lit; Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever. I’m not going to lie, every now and then I need to read something that plays out like a soap opera; I need to get lost in the incredible drama of someone else’s life. I also have a huge stack of books by Weiner that I purchased from a book sale that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile now [remember my trip to Sanford, yeah it has been that long]. Continue reading

Pick 6: Labor Day Recipes

Pick6_LaborDayRecipes We are in the last month of summer and not only am I thinking about school (did you see Annie’s Pick 6: Grown-Up School Supplies post from Tuesday?), I am also thinking about Labor Day. I had a funny thought today about how the summer begins with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day, with the Fourth of July smack dab in the middle. Curious am I, likely late to the party.

I like Labor Day for a couple of reasons: (1) another opportunity to be reminded of our armed services who project us from near and far, (2) every couple of years my birthday is on Labor Day and (3) Labor Day marks the end of summer and a final chance to fill up on the flavors of Summer. For me flavors of summer include fruit, corn, tomatoes, sangria, kebabs, avocado, and anything grilled! Continue reading