Have an strategic week.

strategic In my Have a Week posts, I talk a lot about prepping for the week ahead, starting fresh, and approaching the week with new eyes. It’s definitely a strategy that works for me to help me make the most of my time at work and my limited time at home on weeknights. I often wonder if “right timing” really is something that comes about organically; the stars and planets align and the universe is in it’s right state. Or if all the things we do in our lives, whether we intentionally do them as preparation towards a goal, make the right timing happen. Normally, I lean toward the latter, the idea that we make our own destiny, but this week I’m hoping for a stars-and-planets-align scenario. Regardless of which side you rest on, let’s all take our destiny into our own hands this week and, make it fun. I see some vacation planning during my week!

– Annie

life lately: what’s my age again?

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If you’re close to my age and listened to music in your high school years, you might remember the blink182 song “What’s My Age Again?”. That’s been the theme around here lately and, although I’ve definitely been acting my age, maybe even older, my tastes are still very similar to how they were in my younger years and I’m totally ok with that.

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Mind Mapping for Creative Blocks

Mind Mapping2 A few weeks ago I was listening to a recent After the Jump podcast with Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow. During the interview, she talked about finding inspiration and how she gets through creative blocks. If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you’ll know from some of my posts (especially this one) that I’ve had the worst creative block I think I have ever had and I just can’t seem to bust through. One of the methods she mentions using often are mind maps. She uses beach for example and names off some things that remind her of the beach: sand, water, salt. Then she picks out salt and from there says Himalayas. After trying to do a few basic mind maps, I really believe that it takes practice because I find her ability to link beach, salt, Himalayas so quickly astounding! Maybe (hopefully) that’s just the creative block speaking Continue reading

DIY Travel Photo Art

IMG_4315EDITED It’s been a long two months since Jason and I went on vacation to Denver and I miss it! I’ve had this travel keepsake idea in my head but couldn’t find the right time to get to it so I stuck the idea for this on the calendar and made it happen! I’m really happy with the way the finished product came out but I realized a few things: (1) it’s been a long time since I printed real photos and I was a little disappointed in the quality of them but I’m guessing that’s just because I’m super spoiled by a large screen and the ability to edit them how I want and (2) I need to always go bigger. I knew the photos would be 4×6 but I didn’t really think about what that meant so 15 pictures got printed and only 7 were used. I definitely overestimated the size of my canvas!

Here’s how I did it:

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Have a prepped week.

Under the Oaks: Have a prepped week. Happy Sunday friends! What do you have on your plates today?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I feel I’ve drifted a bit too far from my day to day routine, and not in a good way. Despite it being a day of rest, today I’m working as hard as I can to better prep myself for the coming weeks so that I can get more out of the hours of my days. So far this has entailed prepping all of our meals for the week ahead [including this Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup for lunches], pre-selecting outfits for work [and putting this Mulig valet to good use], and charging up my Fitbit so I can capture and increase my daily steps. I also made a stop at Goodwill this morning so I could get rid of a pile of clutter that’s been driving me crazy.

What tips could you share to others that are looking for better ways to prepare themselves for a new week? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal