London Tips ‘n Tricks

IMG_0491.JPG Did you get a chance to read about my 10 favorite places in London this past Tuesday? Today I’m sharing tips and tricks from my time in London, things that I learned throughout my week spent in London, or things I thought about upon my return. Continue reading

Crystal’s London Top 10


Two weeks ago I was in London on a surprise vacation for my “LLL” (Lifetime Leading Lady) 30th birthday. About 2 months prior her husband had texted me and said, “How would you like to surprise Kristin for her 30th birthday in London?” It took me about 5 seconds to type the word “YES” and about 5 minutes to book my roundtrip ticket. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my first opportunity in life to spend some time in London. I’d first been presented with an opportunity to intern there when I was in college, but at the time I was so poor that I never could make the trip work. There was no way I was going to let this moment pass me by a 2nd time!

Since this was a surprise visit we planned very little up front and had no agenda, or trip itinerary. I can now confirm that London is indeed one of those cities that you do not need an agenda for in order to have fun. We found something new and fun to do every single day and when I left I felt like there was still so much left for me to see. The history, culture, lights, shopping, food, people … I loved it all. There wasn’t a single moment of the trip that I disliked.

In order to make this blog post manageable (and readable – you’re welcome), I’ve narrowed my London list down to my Top 10 favorite experiences: Continue reading

January Book Review: Mrs. Hemingway

IMG_0487.JPG This year I started my reading off right with Naomi Wood’s Mrs. Hemingway. While venturing through London via the Tube last week, I’d observed no less than half a dozen Brits deep in the pages of Wood’s recent piece of fiction. Then, while at Heathrow waiting for my gate to be announced on Monday, I decided to pick up one last London souviner: my very own copy of Mrs. Hemingway. 8 hours and 3500 miles later I was 3-quarters of the way through one of the best books I’ve read in quite some time. Continue reading

Annie’s Post-Baby Workout Plan

BURPEES I can’t believe I’m saying this but we will be at the hospital tonight to be induced! I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia this week and, since today we are at 37 weeks / full term, they decided that I am to be induced to prevent the condition from becoming worse. Thankfully, he is doing perfectly fine. It’s just a problem with mama!

When I was in for my appointment, I did ask the doctor if any of this could have been prevented if I hadn’t gained as much weight as I had. Her answer was a definitive “no”, which made me feel less guilty about how horrible I’ve been eating but also didn’t give me any comfort because it’s frustrating to know this is something I can’t help. Regardless of the preeclampsia, I gained entirely too much weight for my size. I’m so curious to see how big he will be and how much weight will come off immediately since a lot is actual water weight. I’ve been so antsy the past few months and have really missed my workouts and runs so I’ve been planning out my ideal workout routine and goals to help me get back into it!

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New Series! Mamahood Advice


Becoming a new mom is both exciting and nerve racking. I think the one thing that has given me a lot of comfort, even before he’s here, is this comradery that exists between moms. I’ve been fortunate to see this throughout my pregnancy with mom friends I have and it has put me at ease. I’m excited for the friendships that may come about from having a new little one around. With that said, not all new moms find that type of support right away. Maybe you’re the first one in your circle to have kids or you just moved to an area and you don’t know anyone with kids. I wanted to put together a series of posts featuring other blogger moms and the advice they might have for a new mom (i.e. me!). I’m excited to see what they come up with over the next few months because I’m sure it will come in handy for me many times. Today, to kick things off, I asked my mom for her best advice for me. Here’s what she said…

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