Beginner’s Guide to Savannah

Under the Oaks blog: Beginner's Guide to Savannah #travel #forsythpark Thank you to all who have given us well-wishes for our second anniversary! It has started off on the right foot for sure. The week before our actual anniversary we took a long weekend trip to Savannah and Tybee Island. I talked a bit about it here but I wanted to give a more in depth guide to some of the places we went and things I learned that I couldn’t find when researching. Hopefully these tips help if you’re traveling to Savannah anytime soon and please feel free to add to the list! Remember, we traveled in October, not during peak season in the summer, so some things might vary.

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Anniversary Number Two.

image Two years ago today, we were spending our first day as newlyweds with family and friends, unwinding from the whirlwind of festivities that the weekend held for us. Now, on the first day of our second full year as husband and wife, we have officially closed the first chapter of our life together as ONLY husband and wife. Looking back, it seems like we’ve been together for so long, and we have. We started dating a little over 7 years ago but marriage changed everything, in the best way possible. Some days I feel like we’ve had such a short time together and know I’m going to miss it just being the two of us but I know our lives will be filled with so much more love, both as individuals and as a couple, after Carter arrives.

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Have a silent week.

silencefreedom small I’m currently reading The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman for a new book club I’m going to check out. A variation of the phrase above caught my eye a few nights ago as I was reading and it really stood out to me. During our drives to and from Savannah, we’d have the radio low to talk and then between our conversations Jason would turn up the radio. I assume most people do this so it shouldn’t be any surprise but I noticed it on this trip more than I really have before. I like driving in silence. I like doing a lot of things in silence actually and it has become more apparent to me recently. But I could never really figure out why. I thought maybe I was just tired of the music I have or the Spotify stations I listen to. Or maybe it’s because I talk to people for 9+ hours a day at work. Or the TV is on constantly and mindlessly sometimes that the silence is a nice break. I’m sure it’s a little bit of all of those but when I read this phrase, the word FREEDOM clicked.

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Renovation Reveal: Upstairs Hallway

IMG_3414.JPG I feel like a bad blogger, I’m revealing a project and I didn’t take a before picture. I thought maybe I had, but then realized I was so disgusted with the carpet and the bland appearance that I just jumped right in. I can immediately say, that our upstairs hallways is now a much nicer landing to our staircase. Continue reading