Have a silent week.

silencefreedom small I’m currently reading The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman for a new book club I’m going to check out. A variation of the phrase above caught my eye a few nights ago as I was reading and it really stood out to me. During our drives to and from Savannah, we’d have the radio low to talk and then between our conversations Jason would turn up the radio. I assume most people do this so it shouldn’t be any surprise but I noticed it on this trip more than I really have before. I like driving in silence. I like doing a lot of things in silence actually and it has become more apparent to me recently. But I could never really figure out why. I thought maybe I was just tired of the music I have or the Spotify stations I listen to. Or maybe it’s because I talk to people for 9+ hours a day at work. Or the TV is on constantly and mindlessly sometimes that the silence is a nice break. I’m sure it’s a little bit of all of those but when I read this phrase, the word FREEDOM clicked.

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Renovation Reveal: Upstairs Hallway

IMG_3414.JPG I feel like a bad blogger, I’m revealing a project and I didn’t take a before picture. I thought maybe I had, but then realized I was so disgusted with the carpet and the bland appearance that I just jumped right in. I can immediately say, that our upstairs hallways is now a much nicer landing to our staircase. Continue reading

Have an explored week.


522 years ago today Christopher Columbus discovered a new piece of land, no biggie. History (and politics) aside, a 40-some year old man said to himself, “I’d like to go exploring.” He got in a boat, “sailed the ocean blue”, and landed somewhere undiscovered by his people. Following his travels even more people got into more boats and traveled to a land unknown. The story is unbelievable, yet amazing. I’m pretty sure our ancestors had bigger balls than we do. It’s enough of a journey for me to get in my car every morning and travel the 30 minutes to work without killing someone. Continue reading

Spend a Day in Chapel Hill

IMG_3407.JPG My inner hippie secretly loves Chapel Hill. I love the liberals, the sustainable lifestyles, restaurants, cute southern homes with their big ‘ole porches lining fraternity row, and all the other things Chapel Hill has to offer. Most others around here love Chapel Hill because it is the home of their beloved UNC Tarheels. Annie and I picked a perfect day to explore Chapel Hill, and we both have had such different experiences in Chapel Hill that it was fun to explore and share Chapel Hill pastimes with one another.

Just a few rules before you visit the Tar Heel city:

  1. Never go to Chapel Hill on game day (unless on purpose). Never known the feeling of regret? Good, keep it that way.
  2. Bring Birkenstocks Baby! Or at least a comfortable pair of shoes, you’ll do a lot of walking.
  3. Be open minded, and don’t judge. The people that live in Chapel Hill love it for a reason.

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